Road Warrior Season Begins

As great as this summer has been, I'm so so so happy fall is right around the corner! Ah, the season of spiced pumpkin everything, that awesome chill in the air, and yes, orchestra season is upon us again. 

Orchestra season usually runs from September-May, so orchestra musicians have to find a way to get by over the summer. For me, teaching has been the biggest help. Luckily the Academy has signed up a couple new students recently and I do loooove all my students so. I'm a lucky gal. 

SO. I digress. Orchestra season is here, which means I depart Texas in two days. Living here this summer has been a really awesome experience, but I'm ready to get on to the next stage in life. I head back to Nashville next week for a few days, then off to play with the West Virginia Symphony for a few days, then back to Nashville, then I'm off to Mississippi for a few weeks. 

This is the life a freelancer, it's a labor of love, my friends. And I wouldn't have it any other way :)


Summer Fun

Overlooking the Royal Gorge in Colorado

Overlooking the Royal Gorge in Colorado

I've spent the summer just north of Amarillo, Texas, so we've been traveling around the middle of the US. We went to Santa Fe, Dallas, Colorado Springs, and Denver in just a couple weeks time. I brought my violin with me and played all along the way! It's been such a fun summer of traveling, playing, and teaching. Looks like we'll be traveling to Mississippi next month!!

Playing in the desert of the Palo Duro Canyon just southeast of Amarillo, TX.

Playing in the desert of the Palo Duro Canyon just southeast of Amarillo, TX.

Playing in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado.

Playing in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado.

April Gigs

Chattanooga performs Disney Classics

I've had a lot of gigs this month, but I thought I'd highlight my two recent ones! Saturday I traveled from Lexington, KY to Chattanooga, TN to play with their symphony for a performance of Disney classics. It was so fun seeing all these little girls dressed up as their favorite disney princess and ERUPT with applause after every. single. song. So great. Especially because I primarily play classical music, which generally aquires less enthusiasm from an audience than Disney princess concerts :)

Disney Concert

So we played the greatest hits from Beauty and the Beast, to the Lion King, and Frozen amongst many other popular Disney tunes with footage being projected behind the orchestra. SO FUN!

My Friday gig was with the Lexington Philharmonic, which highlighted an amazing young German percussionist named Simone Rubio who tore it up on a new piece called Frozen in Time by Avner Dorman.  Above is a video of a different percussionist playing the piece, I wish I had footage of the concert, but this piece is definitely worth a listen so I hope you have time to watch the video.  This guy plays on WALLS of percussion instruments... very, very neat to watch.


Also visited in Lexington was an amazing donut and coffee shop! Totally pic-worthy.

It's been a while!

Happy April! Just wanted to share that I am teaming up with Live Music Tutor to bring supplemental strings education to public school orchestras! I'm so excited about this opportunity and to get to know more string playing kids around the nation.  Here's an article about the kick off this month in Flordia!

New YouTube Page for Mini Lessons

So I decided to make a separate YouTube account for Claire de Lune Academy mini lessons on the violin and viola.  Here's the intro!  I'll be covering a vast amount of topics regarding these instruments.  My goal is to post a new mini lesson every other week.  Go subscribe and comment on videos to let me know what topics you want covered!

First blog!

Well, I figured this would be an appropriate first blog post.  Took me months of figuring out what I wanted to record and about a week to pull the recording, video, and editing together. While it’s not perfect, I did really enjoy the process of arranging, learning, and executing this.  My sister, brother, and I have all bonded over the show Steven Universe, as it is darling, charismatic, and one of the most in-depth cartoons I’ve ever watched.  Oh, and the music is GREAT. Rebecca Sugar, I bow to you. Hope Steven Universe fans can appreciate this! If you do, check out my youtube page and request more Steven Universe covers! (Don’t forget to subscribe plz :D)